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Study Programs We Offer in 2016

1.* MBBS Bachelor Program
1.1. Admission Requirement

(1) A holder of high school diploma and transcript, or other certificates and transcript

with equivalent standings, which are notarized or authenticated in his or her own country.
(2) A person attaining the age from 18 to 35 years old.
(3)  A person in good health who has a foreign passport valid for at least 5 years.
(4) Every subject in the transcript scored over 70%, and the overall scored over 75%.

1.2. Curriculum Provision

Major: Clinical Medicine Science
Hours and Subjects:
There are 200 to 360 total hours for one-year Chinese lessons.
There are a total 40 subjects for five-year professional courses.
There are 3 to 4 subjects in each semester and there are over 200 total hours.
Types of Courses:
Chinese-taught courses (Northeast Normal University in Changchun City+ BH University in Jilin City)
Enrollment limit: 80 persons
Length of schooling: 6 years (Chinese lessons for 1 year, professional courses for 5 years)
Course content: the 1st year for Chinese lessons, and the Level 4 HSK examination will be

conducted at the end of the year; the second to the sixth years for clinical medicine courses.

1.3. Time Arrangement

(1) Deadline of Application: June 15th,2016

(2) Registeration  Date: from August 1th, 2016 to from August 20th, 2016

(3) Opening   Date:  September 1st, 2016

2.* Chinese Language Study Program

2.1.Enrollment School

International School of Chinese Studies School of Overseas Education in Northeast Normal University

2.2. Admission Requirement

Basic Chinese language study: photocopy of passport and admission application form

Undergraduate courses in Chinese language study: admission application form and photocopies of passport, high school graduation certificate and transcript

Master’s degree of Chinese language study: photocopy of passport, admission application form, Bachelor degree certificate and transcript, HSK 5 level certificate(or higher level), letters of recommendation from two professors or associate professors

Doctor’s degree of Chinese language study: photocopy of passport, admission application form, Master degree certificate and transcript, HSK 6 level certificate, letters of recommendation from two professors

2.3. Elective Curriculum Types

Course Type

Period of Schooling

Short-term Chinese Courses for Visiting Students

Two month or within two month

Basic Chinese Learning Courses

beginner class

one school year

intermediate class

one school year

Advanced Class

one school year

Chinese Language Crash Courses

HSK4 level certificate

one semester

HSK5 level certificate

Two month

HSK6 level certificate

one semester

Basic Chinese of Professional knowledge Courses

science and engineering direction

one school year

economy and trade direction

one school year

medical direction

one school year

liberal arts direction

one school year

Chinese Language Major (Bachelor Degree)

Chinese language and culture

four school years

business Chinese

Chinese international education

Chinese International Education, MTCSL ( Master of Teaching Chinese to Speakers of Other Languages)

three school years

Chinese Language and Philology(Chinese international education direction) ,Doctor Degree

four school years

3.* Science and Engineering Majors (depends on the university’ teaching plan)

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