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JILIN Younovo Education offers different level of teaching positions for English speakers who wish to experience life in China while teaching English as a second language.

China’s educational system undergoes an adventurous process and there is a large demand for native English speaking teachers. In order to keep pace with the nation’s economic reform and to connect with the world effectively, communication in English is an important skill that has been prioritised by both the educational administration and by schools. This has resulted in a significant shortage of native English teachers in China – teachers who are valued in Chinese schools at all levels. This is an opportunity to participate in the dynamic change taking place in this country.

Your teaching work will help Chinese students to open their eyes as well as their minds. Our service is authorized to provide you with the Work Permit & work visa through the authorization of The Bureau of Foreign Experts Affairs of China (registered permit #A3 2290004).

Copy of Authorization Certificate for Employing Foreign Educators and Foreign Worker

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