ESL teacher

What we expect:

1. A native English speaker or fluent English speaker.

2. University degree preferred regardless of the Major  or alternatives;

3. A TESOL/TEFL/ESL certificate.

4. You have no record of criminal activities.

5. You are physically healthy with no infectious diseases.

6. You are willing to sign a contract for the period of 12 months.

What we offer:

1. Free work visa .

2. Free home bound air ticket or subsidized air ticket.

3. Free accommodations (exclusive of utility bills)

4. Free Chinese lessons.

5. A free two-week teacher training.

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Contact details:


Office: 0431 8961 0148 ( Hours : 00:30-09:00GMT)

Chloe+86 135 7897 9513




Chloe: Kanan_jp


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